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Dora Shelwyn is a one-time character who works at Tom Landry Middle School.


Dora Shelwyn is revealed as having a job at Tom Landry Middle School, however, her specific position is never mentioned. She's shown calling Peggy on the phone to ask for the phone number of the Hill's veterinarian, stating that she's purchased a Myna bird and has a question for the veterinarian. Peggy however, attempts to solve Dora's bird problem herself, asking her to put the bird on the phone. Dora, puzzled by Peggy's request, holds the phone up to the bird while Peggy is heard loudly squawking into the phone and repeating the sentence "I Love Dora Shelwyn." Dora, baffled at the awkward situation, impersonate the squawking before repeating the same sentence and abruptly hanging up to get out of the awkward situation.


Phish and Wildlife

In the episode Phish and Wildlife, Dora is seen conversing with Peggy over the phone, asking for the phone number of the Hill's veterinarian before becoming involved in an awkward situation regarding her new pet Myna bird.