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Donna (the second) is an accountant at Strickland Propane. She is almost always dressed in a purple blouse. Donna is voiced by Pamela Adlon.


In Lost in MySpace, Donna, was promoted to assistant manager of Strickland Propane but was later fired for causing a flash mob at the business and causing Buck to be assaulted by a group of her online friends. After her firing, she vowed "Death to Strickland", until Hank and his co-workers confronted her at Goobersmooches. She revealed that she never felt used to her potential at Strickland. She later got her accountant job back after an offer from Buck Strickland.


  • There have been two characters named Donna working at Strickland Propane throughout the run of the series. The first Donna was seen in Meet the Propaniacs.
  • Hank mentions Donna is the same age as him.
  • In Season 10, Dale mentions she is recently divorced from her husband in episode 7 yet in episode 12 she wants to leave work to be with her husband on his birthday. This suggests they reconciled, she remarried, or it was a lie to leave work.
  • Donna doesn't have her home address in the company directory, so she was paid in cash as it was simpler for Buck Strickland.
  • She keeps an online journal that she has been updating for the past four years.

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