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Decca is a friend of Bethany and Terry, and an older honors student. She first appeared in "The Boy Can't Help It."


Decca is a young girl with long brown hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a robin blue top over a dark blue dress, navy blue jeans and red closed-toed shoes.


In season 13, she first comes up to Bobby Hill when she and Bethany see him sitting gloomily on a bench. They call Bobby cute and they say they want to become his friend, even sitting at lunch with him. Unknown to Bobby, the girls view Bobby as a servant they can order around and humiliate, and Hank sees this when the girls visit the Hill residence. When the girls come to pick Bobby up, Terry tells Bobby to sit behind Decca instead of riding on his own bicycle, discomforting Hank. Hank tries to tell Bobby that Decca and the other girls are just using him, but he does not believe his father.

After Hank grounds Bobby, Decca, Bethany, and Terry convince Bobby to sneak out so they can go under the bleachers during a football game since older kids and adults hang out there. While there, Decca and her friends try to see if they can find older men, which confuses Bobby since he thinks that he is their boyfriend. Decca and the women tell Bobby that he is not "manly material," showing that they were just using him. Bobby leaves with Hank but sees two men hassling the girls, so Bobby goes to the men and tells them that the girls are a handful. Ironically, the two men say that the girls are missing out on a "noble little dude" like Bobby, and the girls snobbily leave.