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De-Kahnstructing Henry is the 48th episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on February 2, 1999. The episode was written by Paul Lieberstein, and directed by Klay Hall. The title is a reference to the 1997 Woody Allen film "Deconstructing Harry".



Kahn slowly drives his car down the alley, creeping up on Hank and his buddies as they sip their beers with Dale examines the temperatures. Suddenly, he drives up and honks his horn, startling the men. After trading barbs with Hank and Dale, Kahn proudly announces that he received a new promotion that comes with it a new car and inflatable side curtains that makes someone want to crash. Hank replies that since he's an assistant manager of Strickland Propane he is already on top. Kahn sarcastically replies to Hank by letting him think about that statement before driving away. Dale scoffs at this challenge between Hank and Kahn's workplace. Driving back home, Mihn awaited for Kahn at the garage to give him some beers (which are Heineken or Beck). Since Mihn lose, she decide to give both to Kahn. Kahn comments that there's no dark beer for the new systems manager for Composite Analysis Incorporated. Mihn was thrilled at news and they begins to make their romantic love night.

The following day, Kahn drops by Strickland Propane, where he needs the propane to be filled to the top for his grill, because of his big party tomorrow to celebrate his promotion. His news draws Strickland's attention who begins to like it and telling Debbie to be her new title. But Kahn rejects his claim. Hank asks Kahn about which systems that he's managing on, believing it's the phone. Kahn refused to tell him about that since he has a big army contract. Hank jokes and questions Kahn about the phone. He invites Hank to join him for a tour of his workplace, Composite Analysis Incorporated, and hints about a large propane contract, causing Hank to accept the offer before explains about Strickland Propane, which annoys Kahn. Once at Kahn's company, Kahn warns Hank that anything he sees inside the company is strictly confidential in nature while demonstrates about the details. Hank makes jabs about how simple and secluded his office is. He then steers Hank towards a giant hangar where he opens a glass display and removes a golf driver. After placing a ball on a range tee, Kahn hits a seemingly endless drive. Hank is greatly impressed. Kahn then explains that the club is made of a resilient ceramic composite, which could be used by the U.S. Army for their tanks. Hank then sets up a ball and takes a swing. An ecstatic look crosses his face as the ball disappears on the horizon. Moments later, Kahn admits that his company has no need for propane and the company uses a "safer and more efficient", he simply wanted to flaunt his high status and make Hank miss work. Hank attempts to leave, but is unable to gain the access code to exit the hangar, which Kahn laughs at him, much to Hank's annoyance.

Later, in the alley, an incised Hank tells his friends about the golf club, swearing them to secrecy. At Fort Blanda Army Base, Bill later accidentally mentions the golf club to an army General during a haircut, which catches the General's attention. After adding that the composite is going to be used on the army's tanks he quickly steers the conversation away by commenting that Private Taylor is gay, much to his embarrassment and to the army general and officer's shock. The next day, two security guards and the company owner enter Kahn's office and inform him that his contract has been terminated for breaching his security agreement. Kahn replies he never told anybody until he realizes that he told Hank.


Returning home in a taxi disheveled and with his suit wrinkled, Kahn confronts and informs Hank he lost his job because company secrets were leaked. Hank reassures he didn't tell anyone but looks to Dale who denies sharing their conversations over the internet again and then to Bill who admits he accidentally told an army general not thinking they were "on the record." Kahn is in disbelief, but Hank fires backs that it is Kahn's own fault for telling him in the first place. Kahn claims that a severance package will take care of his family for quite some time out of Dale's salary before heading back home. Dale ridicules that he doesn't have any living wage.

In the garage, Hank is organizing his tools before Peggy walks up to him with a bowl on her hands. Hank reports Peggy about Kahn losing his job. Peggy blames Hank's "loose lips" for her neighbor's predicament. Despite Hank's insistence that Kahn nearly endangered himself by the governments, Peggy retorts that people make gossips are called "gossipers" and calls him "chatty Kathy". Peggy walks over to the Souphanousinphones and to see how Mihn is after she tells her about Kahn losing his job. While Mihn thanked Peggy for dropping by, she assures Peggy that her family will be fine. After Peggy leaves, Mihn turns on the Panda radio and listens to the marine forecast. Soon at the unemployment office, Kahn demands his check and is told that since he violated his contract when he broke their confidentiality agreement from the his former job he is no longer entitled to the severance package. Kahn still demands his check, which to no avail. Kahn leaves the unemployment office angrily until Dale, under his disguise as 'Shackleford Rusty' with a fake mustache request a severance package, which the staff gives him as he puts it inside his shirt pocket.

Sometime later, Hank and Kahn leave for work where Kahn boasts about getting a job in the "reprographics imaging industry", which in reality is taking a position at a photocopying store. Chuck Mangione offers him to post some of his posters on the photocopy store's windows, but Kahn threaten to beat him up if he doesn't leave, which makes him leave instantly. Dale calls for help until he encounters Kahn where he mocks Kahn by wanting him to not disclose anything that Dale is working on. Kahn loses his patience and lashes out at everyone in the photocopying store before his boss fires him on spot since he reached his third strike. Kahn protest that was supposed to second strike but his boss replied that he overheard about his hostility to Chuck Mangione, making realize his own belligerent attitude costing own jobs. Meanwhile, Hank informs everyone in dinner table about that Kahn can't keep his job, because of his personality not because of Hank. Bobby is worried that Connie's broke as well, which Peggy complies that the Souphanousinphones family got nothing. She advises Hank since she regrets their predicaments, Mihn will tutor Bobby in some Laotian lessons. The next day, Mihn begins tutoring Bobby in Laotian while Connie walks by the refrigerator to get some drink and assures him that could have a secret language in school.

Desperate for cash, Kahn holds a yard sale, placing many of his belongings on display. While Hank and Peggy attends the Souphanousinphones' yard sale, as Mihn shows Peggy some of her clothing designs. Dale attempts to buy a panda radio, but Kahn refuses and Dale says to name the price. Kahn replies $700 then $800 seeing Dale's "enthusiasm" to buy when he takes the radio away from Dale. Mihn sternly demands him to give it to Dale. Kahn object and Mihn protest before she quickly tells Dale to pay a check to her instead of Kahn, which the latter agrees. Before Dale attempts to buy the panda radio, Kahn gets angry then slams the panda radio to ground, breaking it instantly, much to Dale and Mihn's disappointment. Kahn angrily berates both Dale and Mihn and orders everyone to leave or he'll turn the hose on them, but notice is missing that and told that the hose had already been sold, much to his dismay. Inside the kitchen, Hank proclaims that Kahn has "lost it" after attacking his own yard sale. Peggy reassures that Kahn is acting out and being desperate without having a job. After the pairs discussion, Bobby asks Hank for $15 dollars in Laotian for his tutoring lessons. Hank decides to confront Kahn.

Hank walks next door where he sees that Minh has been crying, saying that Kahn is in the bathroom and locking himself in as well. She reveals to Hank that Kahn's attitude has caused him to be fired several times before from places like Orange County, Portland, and Mississippi, and that Kahn had also lied about the severance package before shedding in tears. Feeling sorry for the family, Hank decides to purchase ten Laotian lessons in advance, which Mihn agrees to that. Suddenly, Kahn appears and is outraged seeing Hank giving the money and is claims that his family isn’t a charity case until Mihn argues his mistakes lead them here. Insulted and humiliated, Kahn declares he's leave, storms out of the house and drives away, causing Mihn to breakdown. Three weeks later, Peggy and Nancy are sitting on patio table until they notice Mihn calling out for Connie in laotian and Joseph is confused at this reception then asks Bobby about their language, then Bobby explains the serious assumptions. As Connie heads back inside her home, Mihn sees Peggy and Nancy waving at her before they both have their conversations.

When Peggy and Hank returns from the grocery, she notices Minh struggling with some bags of trash, she sends Hank to help her out before she accidentally falls down from too many grocery bags. Minh gratefully accepts his help asks him to perform difficult chores around the house that Kahn would normally do (Cleaning the roof gutters and polishing the door). Peggy notices Hank at work cutting the bushes with Mihn feeding him some cookies while she cuts the carrot, she becomes jealous and reminds her husband that they don't like the Souphanousinphones very much during their night. In the meantime, Hank mows each lawn from back and forth as Peggy and Mihn hand him treats like (Cookies and Beers). He casually greets to Dale, Bill and Boomer and goes back to work when Dale calls Hank by a 'polygamist'. Hank backs up his lawnmower, making Dale run off and jump over the fence. One day, Hank sets off to the hardware store to pick up a compressor cable for Mihn's refrigerator. During the trip Hank notices Kahn's minivan parked outside Luly's. He discovers Kahn has been living out of the establishment's bathroom. Hank tells Kahn he's been picking up the slack at home and asks home to go home and take care of his family. Kahn vows not to return home until he has found a new job that will make his family proud and that makes Hank feel jealous. Hank tries to comfort Kahn saying that his old job did impress him but doesn't fully understand Kahn's issue. He tells Hank that as an Asian there is much more that is expected of him when it comes to work and that Hank would never fully understand that, in the same moment he even admits that Hank is his best friend, much to Hank's surprise. Kahn calls manager until he sees Hank left the bathroom.

A few days later, Kahn pulls up in front of his house driving a brand new car in the middle of the night and honks his horn that wakes up his wife and the Hills. Minh is upset at him for being gone for so long time, until Kahn proudly announces that he found a new job. She accepts him back on the condition he sleeps on the couch. He tells Minh and Connie to pack their belongings, as they are moving to Houston for his new job. But Minh quashes the idea right away saying they finally have a home where the community accepts them, insisting that Kahn instead make a daily three-hour commute. Kahn goes back to boasting at Hank where he shows his gratitude. Hank plays along and lets Kahn feel proud of himself. When the Hills go back in to sleep for the night, Kahn quietly says "thank you Hank" for helping him.




  • Kahn's van has a license plate reading "KINGKAHN".
  • We find out in this episode that the Souphanousinphones have lived in other U.S States, including California  and Mississippi, but were forced to relocate every time Kahn was fired for his poor attitude. 
  • It's also noted that Houston is a 3 hour drive from Arlen. 
  • Dale evidently does not know Minh's name.
  • Connie can speak Laotian in this episode but can't in other episodes.

Stinger Quote

  • Kahn: "Prepare your brain for razzle-dazzle!"
  • Bill: "Private Taylor is gay". (DVD Release Version 1)
  • Kahn's Boss at the Photocopying Store: "I heard what you said to Mr. Mangione". (DVD Release Version 2)

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