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Dave Ulster appears in Hank's Back Story, where he reveals that he, like Hank is a patient of Dr. Tate.

Hank and Peggy go to Sobin Medical Supply to pick up Hank's prescription for his gluteal orthotic device. While leaving, Hank, now wearing his gluteal orthotic, has difficulty becoming accustomed to it and inadvertently knocks in to some items in the medical supply shop.

Dave Ulster, noticing Hank's struggle, asks "Are you a patient of Dr. Tate?" to which Hank replies "No." and Peggy replies "Yes."

Dave Ulster, unashamedly revealing that he too, like Hank, is a patient of Dr. Tate, explains that "it can be tough in the beginning" and gives Hank a business card and says "if you ever need to talk or anything, give me a call."

Hank thanks Dave Ulster, but explains that it's a personal problem, and that he's fully capable of handling on his own. Later, Hank finds Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer fooling around with his gluteal orthotic device, and while angrily demanding that they return it to him, Cotton and Didi pull in Hank's driveway, and Dale informs Cotton that his son is wearing "saline implants" Kahn, looking over his fence and hearing all the commotion, tells them to "pipe down" Hank, growing increasingly frustrated as well as humiliated, tries to take back his gluteal orthotic, which results in a game of Keep-away, and eventually his gluteal orthotic becoming stuck on a power line.

Later, Hank having given up on his gluteal orthotic, continues to suffer from worsening back pain, and Peggy, realizing that Hank is losing interest in things he once enjoyed, devises a plan, and gives Dave Ulster a call. Peggy tells Hank that Buck just called, and that there's a propane emergency out in McMaynerbury. Peggy tells Hank to hop in the back of his truck due to his bad back, and drives him to TV & VCR Repair.

After a painful drive, Hank arrives and enters the shop. Hank, finding no one in the shop, is called to a back room where he is greeted by Dave Ulster, and three other individuals, all of whom suffer from Diminished Gluteal Syndrome. Hank, realizing that the propane emergency was a false alarm, sees Peggy speeding off. The rest of the group proceeds to introduce themselves as Wayne, Phil and Larry. They claim that they're not a support group, but hobbyists, who share a similar interest and meet twice a month to talk about it.

Hank eventually becomes happily involved with the hobbyist group, even going as far as to ask them to be his pit crew at the Durndle County Mower Race, and to call themselves "The Diminished Glutes."