Cyndi (The Fat and the Furious) is a one time character who appears once in the episode the fat and the Furious. She is the voiced of Baywatch and Home Improvment star Pamela Anderson .


Cyndi is shown to be a woman in her early 40s with short red hair, usually wearing outfits that makes her attractive, with a butterfly tattoo on her left chest.


Cyndi first appeared at a restaurant after seeing bill drink 10 soups, which caused his date to skip out. She invited Bill and Hank to a party for an upcoming hot dog eating contest where she revealed that the last American who won the yellow mustard belt was in 1999. Later doing the qualifying round for the top five spot, which she promised bill a little something if he can keep the dogs down. However her loyalty to Bill seem to be in question when after Dale ate over 34 hot dogs she walked up to him as everybody cheers for him.

During the day of the event when she learns that Dale wasn't going to show up, she asks Hank to allow her to "persuade" him to compete, which he turned down saying that Nancy is hotter than her, which caused us to go back to Bill. Unfortunately after bill realize that everybody was making fun of him he decided to quit the competition, which caused Cyndi and the others to get him to compete again which he turn down causing America to lose once again.

Near the end it was revealed that if Bill would have won he and Cindy would have a little action tonight.