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Cooligan's is a restaurant located in Arlen which is a "sports bar" themed restaurant which serves "All You Can Eat" chicken wings, and beer with flat screen televisions which Bill claims when he comes alone, they seat him under the flat screen television. This restaurant made an appearance in the episode I'm with Cupid where Bobby has dinner with Bill during Valentines Day after Bobby was alone in the house.


I'm With Cupid

In the episode I'm with Cupid after Bobby gets left alone in the house during Valentines Day by Hank and Peggy, they tell Bill to check on Bobby since he was alone in the house. When Bill drops by, Bobby agrees to have dinner with Bill, which Bill mentions that he will take him to the "All You Can Eat". They have dinner at the restaurant with them eating "All You Can Eat" wings with Bill having a beer mentioning that when he comes alone in the restaurant, he gets seated under the flat screen television which Bill then mentions to Bobby how depressing it is being single.