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Connie Souphanousinphone, referred to as "Kahn, Jr." by her parents, is the daughter of Kahn Souphanousinphone and Minh Souphanousinphone. She currently attends Tom Landry Middle School. Connie represents a typical Asian stereotype student who gets A's or better and dreams of good colleges. It is likely that Connie's legal name is "Kahn Souphanousinphone, Jr." as Peggy Hill attempts to enroll Connie on the wrestling team at Tom Landry Middle School with that name in "Bobby Slam" and it is also mentioned that her parent's refer to her as "Kahn, Jr." because they both wanted a boy named after Kahn.


Standing 4'10", Connie is a 13-year-old Laotian American girl. She has brown skin and has long, straight black hair. She almost always wears a blue/green shirt, red shorts, and brown sandals.

Her formal attire consists of a pink dress with a braid tied around her hair or pink jackets and skirts with her hair tied up in a ponytail.

Connie from king of the hill

Connie's regular look


Connie is an intelligent, kind young girl who is seen to be quite patient in most cases, as Bobby sometimes gets into trouble and may insult or hurt Connie in the process, in which they usually reconcile. Nonetheless, her patience does have a breaking point and will snap at either Bobby or Joseph when they get on her nerves, or when she is upset. Connie often shows kind and respectful manners towards other adults.

Even as her parents gave in to all of the pressure to have her life devoted to education, Connie was able to maintain her grades and several extracurricular clubs. She has been shown to be incredibly dedicated to her studies and clubs or wanting a more relaxed childhood free from her parent's high expectations.


  • Kahn Souphanousinphone: Connie has a strained relationship with her father since he is very strict with her in regards to her education and upbringing. She knows that her father greatly dislikes her having a romantic relationship with Bobby as it took her a while to confide in her father about her relationship when they first started dating in the earlier seasons.
  • Minh Souphanousinphone: Connie's relationship with her mother is no better than the one she has with her father since she too is very strict with Connie and Minh always takes Kahn's side when it comes to who Connie dates or her studies.
  • Tid Pao Souphanousinphone: Connie has a strong dislike of her paternal cousin Tid Pao due to the latter's unpleasant behavior and the fact that she once abandoned Connie at an amusement park. Connie's disdain for her got worse after Bobby, who had a crush on Tid Pao, decided to work in a science fair project with Tid Pao instead of her, leaving Connie with Joseph, and after Tid Pao nearly got Bobby in trouble with the police after he brought Tid Pao's meth lab to school for the science fair (believing that it was a candy factory) Connie ended up having to save Bobby right before Officer Soto realized what was going on. After that it is likely that Connie, Bobby or both alerted their parents/the police and got Tid Pao sent away.
  • Bobby Hill: Throughout the series, Connie and Bobby date on and off. They briefly broke up during Bobby's birthday after he caught her kissing Joseph. Nevertheless, their relationship continued until they eventually realized they were better off as friends, so they broke up. Yet even after they broke up for good, she and Bobby remained good friends and are often seen talking or hanging out together, much to Kahn's chagrin. While she enjoyed being his girlfriend, Connie was often frustrated when put aside when Bobby's selfishness tries to take control of how their relationship should be or what he wants to do by himself or with others rather than with her.
  • Joseph Gribble: Joseph begins to show interest in her through the series as well while Connie showed some interest in him but lost most of it when Connie began dating Bobby. At one point, the two kiss but nothing else happened after that since Connie quickly went back to apologize to Bobby. Connie's explanation implies that she is attracted to Joseph for his looks alone after he hit puberty.

After Connie and Bobby break up, Joseph attempts to flirt with her a few times but Connie shows no interest and seems to find him annoying and slow minded since she insulted his intelligence out of anger after Bobby decides not to work with her in their science project (because he wanted to work with Tid Pao) by claiming that Bobby and Joseph couldn't make a decent project together. Joseph eventually moved on and developed interest in other girls and he and Connie still remained friends.

  • Chane Wassanasong: Connie's parents want Connie to date Chane just because he is Laotian and his family is well off economically but Connie is completely not interested in Chane and the one time she willingly went on a date with him she only did so to get back at Bobby for allegedly spying on her with Joseph (Bobby was really trying to stop Joseph from spying on Luanne) and in the end the date went badly for Connie since Chane was a jerk and even cheated on their game of mini golf. Meanwhile, Chane has flirted with Connie a few times, although he may have done so to annoy her and he seems more interested in bullying Bobby.
  • Peggy Hill: She is one of Peggy's students. Also, when Peggy tried to teach the cheer leaders routines, Connie took charge during the next game. She was an intern for Peggy and helped her get her Sizemore job.

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  • Kahn introduces Connie to the Hill family as "Kahn Jr." in her debut appearance, in "Westie Side Story". Connie's legal name is "Kahn Souphanousinphone, Jr.", as Peggy attempts to enroll Connie on the wrestling team at Tom Landry Middle School using her legal name, in "Bobby Slam". Hank refers to her as "Kahn Jr." in "The Son That Got Away" and Minh refers to her as "Kahn Jr." in "Bobby Slam". Connie dislikes being called by her legal name.
  • As an American-born anglophone, her legal name and nickname, Kahn "Connie" Souphanousinphone, Jr. is translated to Lao script as (Lao: ຄານ "ຄອນນີ" ສຸພານຸສິນພອນ, ຈູເນີຍຣ໌). The use of native script alongside a legal full name is common in Buddhist tradition and documentation, such as in birth, death, and marriage announcements. As Connie was a candidate chosen for testing to determine whether she was the reincarnated Lama Sanglug, a native origin committee of senior monks would have received reports in their native language documenting the process.
  • Apparently, Connie cannot speak Lao fluently despite both her parents being Laotian immigrants since her mother had to write down sentences in Lao for Connie to say when Minh demanded that Connie call Chane Wassanasong.
  • Connie can play the violin and is naturally talented with bluegrass music, much to her parents' chagrin since they expect her to play classical music only, although Kahn eventually comes to appreciate his daughter's talent for bluegrass music.
  • Connie has an irregular menstrual cycle, although it is unclear if this is true, or the time cycle/duration was told to her by someone else since she claims it only last four days a month instead of the usual six-seven days.
  • Unlike Bobby and Joseph, Connie did not date or show interest in anyone after her breakup with Bobby although she made obvious gestures of finding other boys smart or cute.
  • According to Minh in "Bobby Slam", Connie can play violin, sculpt with metal, and speak three languages.
    • Connie in very few episodes showed that she could speak and understand Laotian perfectly but for majority of the series appears to not know the language at all. It is unclear if she never properly learned Laotian or may have forgotten the language over the course of the series.