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Coach Coleman Lucas is the head of a kids' soccer team called The Wind. He appears in the episode "Three Coaches and a Bobby."


Coach Lucas is an adult man with a skinny build and short brown hair. He wears a yellow soccer jersey with his team's name in white cursive letters, soccer shorts and cleats.


Lucas wants all of his players to practice as a team rather than have them be rivals, saying that everyone should be a winner. He believes that it is the players who teach him and not the other way around.


In season 3, Lucas accidentally kicks a ball at Bill's head while the former is practicing with his team. He grabs the ball and introduces himself to Hank and Bill, and Hank is displeased with his sport. Later on after Hank has Coach Sauers become the Cougars' new football coach, the football team members do not want to put up with Coach Sauers' behavior towards them and they join Lucas' soccer team instead.

While Lucas is happy to treat his athletes to food and help them greatly, Bobby is disappointed that there is no spirit of competition. When Hank's football team is failing against a rival team, Bobby sees that he is in trouble and decides to leave Lucas' team and help Hank.