Coach Kleehammer
Name Coach Kleehammer
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Age 35-40
Job Sports Coach/Gym Instructor
Relatives Unknown
First appearance Bobby Slam
Voiced by Toby Huss

Coach Kleehammer is a sports coach and gym instructor at Tom Landry Middle School. He is voiced by Toby Huss.


Little is known about Coach Kleehammer (including his first name). He first appears in the Season 2 episode Bobby Slam as the boy's wrestling coach. He appears to be extremely sexist, making numerous jokes about female sports and derogatory statements towards women in general.

He is also shown to be the Powder Puff Cheerleaders coach in the Season 12 episode The Powder Puff Boys and the gym instructor in the Season 13 episode No Bobby Left Behind. He also becomes the temporary Principal at Tom Landry Middle School when Carl Moss is temporarily fired in the Season 13 episode No Bobby Left Behind.


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