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Charles Raymond "Chuck" Garrison was the second husband of Tilly Garrison. He was Hank's step-father. He was also revealed to be Jewish, like Tilly's Ex-Boyfriend Gary, when he told Bobby about celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. He was voiced by William Devane.


Ironically, Chuck was almost the exact opposite of Tilly. While he was restrained and safe, Tilly was wild and restless. Chuck was denounced by Hank at first, arguably due to jealousy that his mother remarried (and his true father divorcing her). However, Hank soon warmed-up to Chuck, developed a family relationship, and noticed that he had qualities that Cotton sorely lacked. When Chuck first married Tilly, he lived with her in the desert in Phoenix, Arizona. Then, on Tilly's demand, they sold the condo and bought an R.V. And decided to tour the world in it. At one point, Tilly just takes the R.V. and takes off--without Chuck.

Episode Appearances

Season 13

  1. The Honeymooners