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Chris is a former employee at the Mega Lo Mart in Arlen. He appears in the episode "Megalo Dale."


Chris is an young adult male with short brown hair and a skinny build. Like other Mega Lo Mart employees, he wears a red vest, and underneath he wears a swamp-green shirt with a plug symbol.


Chris worked in the music department at the Arlen Mega Lo Mart, where he hung out with his coworker Cory. The two of them despised their work and messed around, such as putting expensive price tags on cheap CDs. When Dale Gribble is trying to stop the "rat infestation" in the store, Chris and Cory plan to trick him one night. At nighttime, Dale, Hank, Bill, and Boomhauer are trapped inside when Chris and Cory move the vending machines to block the doors, the two of them pretending to be Chuck Mangione. The two workers manage to trap Hank, Bill, and Boomhauer and plan to shave their heads. In contrast, they cannot find Dale since the real Chuck Mangione hides him and tells him to go help his friends. As Chris and Cory lurk over the three men, Dale sprays his poison in their faces, blinding them. Chris and Cory are arrested by the Arlen police for their crimes.