Name Chiffon
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age Deceased
Job Stripper at Jugstore Cowboys
Relatives son/daughter, granddaughter, & great grandchild
First appearance The Company Man
Voiced by Ashley Gardner

Chiffon is a stripper at Jugstore Cowboys. She is voiced by Ashley Gardner.


Chiffon chats with Hank during the Season 2 episode The Company Man as Hank is stressed out dealing with Mr. Holloway. She offers a lap dance to Hank to help him de-stress, and it's assumed he declines the offer.

Chiffon's real name is unknown. According to her conversation with Hank, she makes at least $100,000 a year. Additionally, she states has a granddaughter and a great-grandchild whom she hopes to move in with, implying her age is at minimum 45.

She does not appear in the rest of the series.

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