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Cheer Factor is the one hundred-sixty-second episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on March 7, 2004. The episode was written by Christy Stratton, and directed by Kyounghee Lim and Boohwan Lim.


The Arlen football team is losing several games, most of which are because of the cheerleaders. Rather than preform simple, motivational cheers, they participate in dance contests and show off dancing moves to the crowd. Hank and Peggy notice Bobby (the team mascot) ignored and tossed to the sidelines. After another loss, Peggy vows to help the coach Jo Rita get her act together. Peggy manages to get the assistant coach job and she's reduced to finding Jo Rita's purse and giving messages for her. After seeing a dance routine and the cheerleaders leaving when the team's in a very important position in the game, an enraged Peggy shouts a cheer and makes the crowd join in. Suddenly inspired, the team score a touchdown. Principal Moss fires Jo Rita and gives Peggy the head coach job.


As she teaches the cheerleaders "real" cheers, Peggy discovers at a pep rally that the cheers are growing very boring and dull. In a state of panic, Peggy tries to put a cheerleader into a cougar costume, but the crowd believes that she's beating the cougar and cheer for more. Inspired, Peggy uses Bobby to dress as the rival team mascot and the cheerleaders beat the mascot. This act allows the team to win several games. All goes well until during a game with an Irish team as Jo Rita brings some Irish people to the game. As Bobby, dressed as a drunken leprechaun, is beaten on the field, the Irish people and team file a hate crime. Luckily, Arlen's win is kept, but Peggy is fired.

Depressed, Peggy refuses to go to the State Championship game. Finally coaxed to go, she discovers that she's banned from the game. Meanwhile, Connie (who became a cheerleader earlier in the episode) notices the football team's horrible condition in the game, so she grabs Jo Rita's megaphone and shouts Peggy's cheer to the crowd. Hearing this on the radio, Hank and Peggy proudly cheer as the announcer proudly proclaims that Joseph Gribble is heading for a touchdown, much to Jo's dismay.



Stinger Quote

  • Peggy: "I really did stay sweet."

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