Channel 84 is one of the main TV stations in Arlen. Although it is the only channel where an actual news broadcast has been shown, it is not the only station in the city. During the wildfires, many other new stations were shown covering the blaze, although, they could be from other cities, like Dallas, Houston or Austin. It is unknown if Channel 84 is an affiliate station, but it cannot be a FOX station, as Hank blocks FOX, and the Hills are still able to see the station.

Nancy Hicks Gribble is one anchor at Channel 84, after being promoted from weather girl. Few members of the on-air news team have been seen, other than anchorman Miguel Hernandez.


  • Channel 84's channel number is probably a pun on old analog broadcast television channel numbers.  It is said to be a UHF station within the series, but the highest television channel number ever allocated to UHF in the United States was 83.
  • In the Season 9 episode Gone With the Windstorm, we learn that one of the shows Channel 84 broadcasts is Seinfeld.