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Chane Wassanasong (born November 7, 1984; age 14) is the spoiled, mean-spirited son of Ted Wassanasong and Cindy Wassanasong. He attends Tom Landry Middle School with Bobby Hill and Connie Souphanousinphone. He is something of a ladies' man, seen flirting on several occasions. He is voiced by Maury Bandell. Kahn frequently pressures Connie to date Chane, as Kahn wishes to gain favor from Chane's father, who sits on the membership board for the exclusive Nine Rivers Country Club.

Connie has gone out with Chane, mostly to spite Bobby and being pressured by her parents, but insists that he is "a boring know-at-all who talks about himself and cheats at miniature golf." Chane was second oboe in an orchestra with Connie, and was on the track team in the episode "Bobby On Track."

In the episode "Bobby Goes Nuts," Chane and his friends bully Bobby twice and forcibly make him eat dirt. On the second occasion, Bobby kicked Chane in the groin. This was his humiliating defeat.



  • It is implied that Kahn, despite wanting his daughter to date Chane, thinks that Chane is slow/not very smart. This is verified in "The Redneck on Rainey Street" when Kahn witnesses Chane wiping his nose on his own arm before observing the resulting snot left behind curiously; Kahn's theory is confirmed when he learns that Ted and Cindy had to bribe a school to allow Chane into its summer program. Chane is, however, shown to be very skilled in the subject of history during "Stressed for Success", reading books on Copernicus and being a member of the Quiz Bowl extracurricular club that only the honours students (and Bobby Hill, in the area of pop culture) are members of. That said, his reasoning for this seems to be to get into a university with a good frat house where he can meet girls.
  • Chane's crude nickname for Bobby that he uses to bully him with is "Booby Hill" (a play on the word "boobies" and Bobby's first name).
  • Chane is shown to be extremely insecure and jealous of Bobby at times, even depending on Bobby when the two happen to be on the same team together in extracurricular groups.