Carolyn (also known as and real name is Jamie) is a drag queen who befriends Peggy at a drag queen clothing store in the episode "The Peggy Horror Picture Show."


Peggy visits the drag queen store believing it to be a women's plus size clothing store and meets Carolyn, whom at the time believes Peggy to also be a drag queen. The two befriend one another and enjoy feminine activities together. Carolyn invites Peggy to a drag queen fashion show, which Peggy believes to be a woman fashion show. Shortly before the show starts, Carolyn learns Peggy is indeed a real woman and informs Peggy that she is truly a male. Peggy falls into a state of depression for the fact drag queens thought she was one as well. However, Carolyn ends up making Peggy confident in herself again when she takes Peggy's old clothes to her fellow drag queen friends and has them all snatched up quickly. In Carolyn's words "A bunch of men wanting to look like women want your clothes." Carolyn is not seen again in the King of the HIll series.

Carolyn/Jamie is voiced by former King of the Hill writer and producer, Michael Jamin.