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Captain Bear's Pizza is a pizza place located in Arlen. It is meant to be a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's, since they both serve pizza and have mechanical animals that play music on a stage. According to Nancy who was reporting from the restaurant in The Courtship of Joseph's Father, it is home to the 10 pound pizza.


Manger Baby Einstein

In the episode "Manger Baby Einstein", this restaurant is used for Luanne's handpuppet performance "Manger Babies". In the end of the episode, John Redcorn waits for Luanne, Lucky, and the Hills to arrive, and when they arrive, she finds one of her puppets that Dale destroyed, Gurgle-Gurgle from a dog juggling it on stage, and says that she is retiring from puppetry.

The Courtship of Joseph's Father

In the episode "The Courtship of Joseph's Father", the restaurant is used in this episode where Joseph decides what school to attend and play quarterback for between Tom Landry Middle School and Spencer Academy. Joseph chooses that he wants to say at Landry, but Dale makes him choose Spencer to take the cash offering. Nancy was doing a report at the restaurant on where Joseph decides to attend school and play quarterback at, and she mentions that Captain Bear's is home to the 10 pound pizza.

Strangeness on a Train

In the episode "Strangeness on a Train", Peggy recalls that all of her birthday parties have been lousy, and her birthday at the restaurant last year was the worst since there was a robbing at the restaurant where they were robbed.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

In the episode "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow", Nancy does a televised interview with John Redcorn in the restaurant which she gets Luanne to do her makeup since her regular makeup lady got meningitis, and Nancy then finds out she is suffering from hair loss.