Cane Skretteburg is a teenager who appears in the episode "The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg". He lives very close to or on Rainey Street and he is a 12th grader at Arlen High School


Cane does lead vocals and plays guitar in a 4 man band named Cane and The Stubborn Stainz. He is also seen in Season 13 in the episode "Master of Puppets" performing with his band at the Arlen Fun Center. He was shown to drive an older blue muscle car with fire decals on his front fenders, which Hank and the guys repaired for him.

He was voiced by Tre Cool of the band Green Day.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

  1. The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg

Season 13

  1. Master of Puppets

Cane Skretteburg headlining at the Arlen Fun Center.


  • In Master of Puppets, the band is headlining at the Arlen Fun Center, which shows the band acquired some local notoriety since their last appearance. 
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