Candee Lace
Name Candee Lace
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Job Sells sparkly tennis shoes

Ex-Adult Actress

First appearance Harlottown
Voiced by Shannon Elizabeth

Candee Lace was a former porn actress that was visiting Arlen to accept an award. She is voiced by Shannon Elizabeth.


Candee was featured in the episode "Harlottown".

She and a companion were driving to the Texas Adult Video Awards hosted in Arlen. However, their car's transmission was shot and they tried changing a tire hoping that would fix the car. She reveals that she is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the event which is the industries way of saying "thanks for the 400 movies, we're real tired of seeing you do it." Before becoming an porn actress she grew up in a small town like Arlen. She dreamed of owning her own little shop selling baby jewelry or sparkly tennis shoes. However due to her past she feels as if she can't go back to her town and that no one would be interested in buying that stuff from someone like her. As they drive through Arlen Hank tells her about how the women that started the town had similar backgrounds like hers and were able to create this town. Feeling terrible that Arlen is becoming more adult themed, she feels that they have to do something to change this.

At the award show when Candee is accepting her award she brings Hank Hill on stage. She goes on to say how she is retiring from the adult film industry so that she can stay with her true love; Arlen. Hank goes up on the podium to say how they should change the city to the way it was before without all the adult themes. Candee signs the petition to change Harlottow back to Arlen on stage while petitions are passed around to the audience. At the end Candee is seen hiking with the Hills to the Tea Kettle. It is shown that Candee has gotten into the business of selling sparkly tennis shoes.

Episode Appearance

Season 10

  1. Harlottown
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