Bunny Hicks
Bunny hicks
Name Bunny Hicks
Gender Female
Hair Blonde (wig)
Age Late 60's to late 70's
Job Unknown
Relatives *Nancy Gribble (daughter)
First appearance Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Voiced by Rue McClanahan

Bunny Hicks is the mother of Nancy Gribble. She only appeared in one episode, "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow", where Nancy turned to her for help when unresolved feelings for John Redcorn caused her hair to fall out. Bunny reveals that she, like her daughter, also had hair loss caused by the stress of breaking off her own love affair. She is voiced by Rue McClanahan.


  • Bunny's husband (and Nancy's father) doesn't know that Bunny is bald.

Bunny is possibly addicted to Xanax

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