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Mark Buckley (1978-1998) was Luanne's dim-witted and selfish ex-boyfriend from Season 1-2.


He worked at Mega Lo Mart as a Hardware Department salesman, greeter, and finally manager of the Propane Department. Despite dumping Luanne in Luanne's Saga, Buckley quickly wants her back and the two are apparently back together by the time of King of the Ant Hill, as Luanne noted that he was wanting to show off his shotgun at the Cinco de Mayo party. Hank didn't like him very much due to his poor skills and lack of knowledge of both safety and as a salesman in the Hardware Department. After Hank came to work at Mega Lo Mart, Buckley enjoyed having a position of authority over Hank and would often speak down to him, forcing Hank to wear a trainee badge, despite Buckley being the one to know nothing about the position he had.


Buckley was killed in a propane explosion brought about by his own incompetence ("Propane Boom"). Buckley was stocking the propane by dragging the canisters out by the valves, which eventually caused one to come loose and cause a leak. Hank had warned him earlier that dragging the tank by the valve could cause a gas leak, but Buckely egotistically dismissed Hank as a trainee who didn't know anything. And it's heavily implied that his carelessness caused a massive gas leak, based on the size of the explosion.

According to Hank, Buckley was no more and the only thing left him of was his nametag. However, his remains were likely too mangled, as Dale threw up when he saw them.


Buckley's Angel

Kahn had bought Buckley's trampoline from his estate sale and had Hank restore it. Buckley reappeared as an angel to Luanne ("Wings of the Dope") jumping on his old trampoline, throwing Rainey Street into an angel-craze. He still acts like his old self and dressed in his Mega Lo Mart vest. As a reconciliation with Luanne, he guided her into college with a note from Jesus. After one final goodbye, he jumped from his beloved trampoline (which he named "Number One"). After Luanne's return to her uncle's home, he returned to the trampoline from the sky saying "Hey, new record, cool!" and proceeded to walk down the alley with a halo over his head.


  • Although Buckley perished in "Propane Boom", he is still seen riding his motorcycle into the alley to pick up Luanne in the title sequence for the entire series, even when it was reanimated for widescreen and when Luanne became romantically involved with Lucky.
  • He hardly shows emotion, with the exception being when he freaked by Leanne Platter making advances on him.


Memorable Quotes


"Help, Get this Skank off me!"

"Chicken butt"

"Chicken Thigh"