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"Bill's House" is the one hundred-eighty-ninth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on November 6, 2005. The episode was written by Tony Gama-Lobo and Rebecca May, and directed by Robin Brigstocke.


HankBobby, and Peggy all have the flu. When Hank leaves the house to get his prescription for flu medicine, he passes out next to his truck. Dale and Boomhauer merely gawk at him, but Bill carries him home and takes care of the Hills until they are healthy again.

When they recover, Bill realizes taking care of others is something he enjoys greatly and looks for a volunteer job. He decides to help homeless alcoholics, and after being informed the halfway house is full, volunteers to keep them at his own house. At first Bill thrives in his work, but soon finds the burden overwhelming.

Hank comes to help but the two are unable to manage the entire share of their work, especially when the halfway house closes, resulting in even more patients being dropped off at Bill's house. Hank visits the manager of the halfway program, Mr. Draper, who says the funding for the "opportunity house" was not enough, and had to shut it down.

Hank returns to Bill despondent. However, Hank soon learns from Bill that the government sends each of Bill's patients stipends of $600 a month, which were all being pocketed by Draper. Hank has the patients sign over the checks to Bill instead. With enough money, Hank and Bill rent a large house for the alcoholics across the street from Draper, much to his dismay. He quickly decides to re-open the halfway house, freeing Bill from the burden.


Meanwhile Bobby teaches Peggy how to ride a bike after she made a promise, but she keeps falling off all the time. After numerous attempts, Bobby realizes that Peggy can never ride a bike.


Stinger quote

  • Mike: "Went to a Spurs game, long story short, lost my job."


  • Peggy is shown in this episode being unable to ride a bicycle. However, in the Season 7 episode "Goodbye Normal Jeans", she is shown to be quite proficient while she's stealing Bobby's turkey.
  • Appleseed (first seen in the Season 8 episode "Phish and Wildlife") makes an appearance in this episode. He reveals his real name is Stuart and Appleseed is a nickname.
  • Right before the episode ended, Boomhauer is seen to pass four around beers from the cooler. Dale took a sip of his beer without opening the tab.


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