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Becky is a woman who updates Arlen High School's record files with Peggy in the episode "I Remember Mono."


She is seen having fun transferring old high school permanent records onto a computer. She comes across a file of Rhonda Culpepper, a person who she use to go to school with. Peggy informs her that she was pregnant with Becky exclaiming that she thought she had gotten fat for a semester.Next she comes across Hank Hill's file. They both look at his record file, reading some of the information that it states about him. When they come across him missing two weeks around Valentine's Day she inadvertently reveals that he had mono to Peggy who thought he had hurt his back. Peggy reveals to her that she never had mono.

The next day at work she can tell that Peggy isn't letting this go. Fortunately for Peggy neither could Becky who did some research. She found out that Amy Edlin was the other person that had mono.

She is never mentioned or seen again the series after this episode.