Barry Rollins
Name Barry Rollins
Gender Male
Hair Brown
First appearance "Cops and Robert"
Voiced by Scott Klace

Barry Rollins is a character in King of the Hill that appeared in the episode Cops and Robert. Barry was shown to be an extremely mild-mannered, timid, and submissive.


When a pretzel vendor messed up his order and attempted to keep extra change, Barry was still hesitant and worried about starting any type of verbal confrontation. After Hank accidently stole his wallet, Barry declares his is tired of being the victim and begins working out. He is also shown watching vigilante themed movies such as Taxi Driver and Death Wish and imitating the main characters killing criminals. After they tried to return his wallet, Barry chased Hank, Bill, and Boomhauer with an aluminum baseball bat before being arrested by Officer Brown at the Bazooms! restaurant.


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