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A picture of the front of the college.

Arlen Community College is a community college located in Arlen. The school has been shown in scenes for a number of episodes. The school is also where Luanne went to college after dropping out of beauty school. For the very last main episode , To Sirloin With Love, Bobby is noticed by the Meat examining Professor / Coach of the Meat Examination team of the school at a steakhouse where he was having a dinner with Hank. He then was offered a spot on the meat team at the steakhouse. He accepted, later winning the meat team the Title of meat examination champions of Texas.

In this photo, Bobby is seen discussing with the meat coach at the steakhouse.

So, Bobby is also seen at the college.

Luanne Platter

Luanne Platter is the only regular character that attended the school. She signed up in Wings of the Dope after dropping out of beauty school and in My Hair Lady she dropped out of college to become a hairdresser.

A later picture of Bobby at a meat examining competition.


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