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April is the peer counselling class adviser at Tom Landry Middle School. She is the voice of That 70's Show and Orange Is the New Black star Laura Prepon.


She first appeared in Talking Shop where the students had to choose an elective class. Bobby and Joseph show interest in taking the peer counselling class because of all the girls joining. April approaches them and says it'll be great to have some guys in the class. Joseph makes a weird sexual remark that provokes her to ask both of them to leave. However Bobby says is he is shocked at his remark telling him that they are here to heal. After hearing this she lets Bobby sign up for the class. During her first meeting of the class she mentions the most important rule; they cannot give any advice to any of their patients. She then has an active listening exercise and then passes each student a list of their clients. April also mentions that they are not allowed to date any of their clients or any of the other counselors. She then calls for a group hug but as Bobby is the only boy in the class tells him to hug himself. 

Bobby later approaches April stating that he has a problem with one of his patients. He explains how Stacey Gibson has become too attached to him, but he can't have this hanging over his head as he has a date with Jenny Medina. April gets angry when she hears that Bobby has started dating one of his patients. Bobby tells her to help him, however April instead says that she already dinked Principal Moss' car and doesn't need this. Before she leaves she tells Bobby that he is on his own. 


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