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And They Call It Bobby Love is the thirty-seventh episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on September 22, 1998. The episode was written by Norm Hiscock, and directed by Cyndi Tang-Loveland. Sarah Michelle Gellar guest-stars as Marie. The title is a play on the Paul Anka song "And They Call It Puppy Love".



Bobby makes his way through the hallways of Tom Landry Middle School, he encounters a fourteen year old student named Marie, who is acting as hall monitor. Knowing he is late for class, Bobby tells her his name is "Ramon Tavares" in hopes of evading detention. Marie laughs at Bobby's ploy and sends him on his way without a penalty.

Hank and his friends are dumbstruck by the sudden appearance of an abandoned couch, sitting right in the very spot where they normally stand in the common alley. An outraged Hank telephones the city official and demands that the furniture be removed. But when the city official fails to respond after a reasonable length of time.

As time passes, Marie grows more and more enamored of Bobby's clownish antics along with her friends. Connie is dismayed to watch the scene after she puts her belongings away and then ask Bobby about that, which he replies that it's part of his comedy acts.

Hank declares that the group should move it themselves. Before the men take action, however, Bill sits down on the soft couch. He's soon joined by the other men, who come to realize they can now drink beer, chat and be comfortable, all at the same time.

Bill, Hank, Dale, and Boomhauer enjoying the couch.


Meanwhile, Hank is sitting on couch with his beer and Bobby was seen scratching off his journal with a pencil. Suddenly, Hank receives a phone call from someone, who wants speak with Bobby. But Hank thought that they've had the wrong number before he hangs up. Bobby ask his father about the caller, which Hank replied to him that it was some girl that wants meet Bobby. Hank receives another phone call from the same caller again, who ask him about Bobby again. Hank tells Bobby that some of his friends was on the phone who thinks that they're playing prank calls and gives it to him. Bobby, at first thought it was Joseph on phone, but it actually was Marie on the phone that she invites him to go with her and some of her friends to the mall, which he accepts.

Later that evening, Hank and his friends are installing some improvements on the couch.

Somewhere at Arlen Mall, Bobby, Marie and her friends are at the food court to order some of their lunches. Bobby asks Marie about what she's going to order, she explains that she don't eat anything with heads on it. As their friendship grows, Marie informs Bobby that she is a vegetarian; Bobby decides to follow suit. Bobby also explains that Hank told him about how god didn't want his family to eat any meats then he wouldn't have to invent steak sauce. One of Marie's friend was astonished by Hank's assumption and ask Bobby that his father said to him about his claim, which Bobby replies that his father told about that once. Marie then explains to Bobby about a hundred of chickens was to feed the village's starvation, but they shouldn't eat them since it's bad. After Marie orders a Chop Salad, Bobby orders a BLT sandwich, Marie tells him that it has bacon on them until he assures that bacon doesn't have a head on it, making Marie and her friends to give a contemptuous stare. Bobby then changes his order to LT sandwich instead.

As Bobby and Marie walk down the common alley that evening, they discover the couch. The pair sit down, and soon after their conversations, Marie pulls Bobby close and kisses him. Bobby, somewhat nervous at first, kisses her back. As quickly as the kissing started, Marie breaks the kiss and walks off. The next morning, Bobby tells his parents about his new girlfriend, much to the concern of Peggy.

Eventually, the city officials make its way to dispose the couch, but since Hank and his friends have been used to the couch, they refuse to give it up. The City officials then declare that if the couch is not being used, it will be taken away. Dale is determined to protect the couch as he watches them leave the alley.

Later at School, Bobby asks Connie and Joseph about their plans before Connie chooses that they should go riding bikes, yet Marie disagrees since it's boring, which Bobby follows her as well and said that they should choose something else. Marie decided that they should go to the shopping mall for clothes, which Bobby agrees. Joseph and Connie are uninterested with that idea.

Inside the Gribble Residence, Dale intercepts a phone call from Bill with a recorder wiretap to his phone. After they finish their conversations, Dale puts his record tapes in it's case, writes the side and placed on his collections.

After Bobby and Marie walk down the common alley that evening, Marie asked Bobby about his friends disappearance. Bobby replies that they're with them until they've both ditched them for awhile. Shortly thereafter, Bobby notices the couch and offers her to kiss him again, but Marie declines. Bobby grows more and more infatuated with Marie. But realizing the more he pursues his love, Marie obliges as the pair sits and kisses once again. Unbeknownst to them, Connie is saddened to watch Bobby kisses Marie while she was throwing the trash away in the garbage can. Soon after, the kissing ends, the more Marie pulls away after she realizes that she's late for home when she looks at her watch and leaves with a love-strucked Bobby wishing her a good night.

During at Dinner, Bobby ask Peggy for some rice and plain toast, because Marie is a vegetarian. Hank is irritated about Bobby's relationship with Marie. Bobby explains his parents about his relationship with Marie and make-out. Peggy is shocked and gets Hank to talk with Bobby. Hank, at first explains about vegetarian, but Peggy meant the kissing since Bobby is a minor. Bobby then explains that he's a good kisser that Marie said. Bobby demonstrates his parents how Marie kissed him. Peggy is disgusted at this and retorts that he's only twelve-years old that should be afraid of girls. But Bobby refutes that Peggy is just jealous because she aren't in love like him and Marie. Peggy insists Bobby that he shouldn't be compared with a two days infatuation and with a twenty year marriage. Although, Bobby advises that he and Marie had been kissing for more than two days than his parent's marriage. Bobby also said that he never seen his parents kissed for long time. Peggy claims that Hank had kissed her, much to Hank's annoyance. This dispute arises at the dining table between Peggy and Bobby.

In the meantime, Connie invites Luanne to help her with the algebra homework and Luanne is flattered at this. However, Connie didn't need Luanne to teach her about algebra, (much to Luanne's relief), explaining that real reason she called her here because she announces that Bobby has a girlfriend which was Marie. Luanne is stunned at this news and she knows about it, which Connie agreed. Connie also reveals her confession that she really had likes Bobby discreetly before desperately asking Luanne about what does she do now. Luanne explains to her that if she and Bobby were meant to be together and the event will somehow happen soon. This story also reminding Luanne about her relationship with Buckley before he subsequently got blown up at the Mega-Lo Mart explosion (echoes to the previous episode at the Death of a Propane Salesman), much to Connie's confusion.

The next day, Hank and Peggy are shopping at Hardware Ranch to buy some tools and supplies. Hank request some clerk for covers to prevent some of the squirrels from the couch. After the clerk leaves to get something for Hank, Peggy tries to hold Hank's hand on the counter until he quickly moves it away and ask her about why she's holding his hand. Peggy reminds Hank that they usually hold their hands together and remembers about their board daylight. Hank responses that his hands are full by grabbing some flashlight and a tool in excuse. Peggy is disappointed and then realizes that they were afraid to show their love for each other. Hank finally holds Peggy's hand and show their love of their relationships. Ironically, a disgusted customer walks by in the distance and tells them off to get some privacy, making both Hank and Peggy release their hands in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, Kahn finds Hank and his friends sitting on the couch in the alley. He explains that it was him who abandoned the furniture, as it is his wife with cat urine. But this does not faze the others, who have gone so far as to have installed beer can holders into the couch's arms and a custom-made overhead shade. Kahn scoffs at them and snidely offers Dale his boxer for his Jacuzzi before walking away.

Later that night, Marie stops by the Hill residence to picks up Bobby while Hank ask her how old she is, which complied that she's fourteen years old. Surprised at this revelations, Hank objects this relationships (despite their two-years age gap) and Marie begins to explain that Bobby had kept telling her about lots of story before questions Hank if he hold hand with Peggy, but Hank still rejects her claims until Bobby leaves home to attend Marie's party. When Hank informs Peggy that Bobby is going out with Marie that she is fourteen-years old, a horrified Peggy drops her mails and begins to complain about their two-year age gaps that causes her to dramatically sit on couch to think about this problem in disbelief.

They travel to a party in Marie's residence, where Bobby and Marie are dancing with other guests before he eats some snacks from the snack table before asking two boys about this party to be a make-out party, knowing if it then he'll be prepared for it. Unfortunately for him, Bobby is shocked and sickened by the sight of Marie dancing with other boys. Bobby tries to get the other boys away from Marie, but they dismiss him before they go back dancing again. This leading to Bobby to turn off the music and stops the party. Bobby calls Marie's name out loud, causing her to subsequently drag him by his hands outside of her house in embarrassment. Outside of Marie's residence, Bobby demands her about why she's dancing with those other boys, which replies that she likes dancing since she wanted to dance anyway. Bobby still demands that who were those boys and why is he still dancing with all those boys. As his jealous continues, Bobby persist that he and Marie were supposed to be dancing together instead of them. Marie tells Bobby that they are just friends and are not a serious romantic couple. Bobby is devastated by the "break up" and starts crying. Marie tries to console him by kissing him on the forehead, to whom Bobby mistakes this as a form of love; Marie, having enough, then decides to leave him to rejoin the party. Bobby tries to change Marie's mind by behaving in a clown-like manner, but when Marie ignores his advances, Bobby sinks into a deep devastation and takes the break-up hard and says it's a mistake.

Back at the Hill residence, Hank was seen drinking his beer and Peggy writing on her paper on the couch until it is interrupted when Bobby returns home crying hysterically as Hank ask if someone pushed him off his bike. Bobby sadly reveals that Marie had broke up with him. Feeling bad about Bobby's sadness, Peggy assures him that the break-up doesn't feel so good, with the latter complaints that it wasn't. The next day, outside the Hill residence, Bobby's sadness begins to develop as he's seen crying on the couch where he remembers that he and Marie used to sit on this couch. This seem somewhat to Bill and Dale's annoyance since they unaware about the couch being used if there's a family member using it as well until Hank then defuses this problem and tries to comfort the sad boy about some facts that if he feels sad about some girl breaking his heart and reassures that the couch is a happy place, not before Bobby begins shedding in tears and walks away, leaving Hank and his friends bewitched.

Eventually, a depressed Bobby laid down on the floor while listening to some sad songs. Hank and Peggy becomes concern for the boy, despite that he finally stopped crying right now, yet still that his taste of music getting the best of him. When night falls, Peggy and Ladybird enters the living room where Bobby sinks into a deep depression again with Ladybird licking his back while he tells his mother that he'll never make any girl laugh again and doesn't want to be a prop comedian. Peggy shoos Ladybird when she's sniffing on Bobby's buttocks before placing the towel on him and kissing him on his head and saying "Goodnight".

Later, Hank and Peggy takes Bobby to The Panhandler Steakhouse where as luck would have it and to cheer him up, much to Bobby's distress. Inside the Panhandler Steakhouse, Bobby notices Marie and her parents are also dining here as well (despite being vegetarians). Upon seeing Marie, Peggy declares Bobby's infatuation makes sense, as Marie "looks just like me". Bobby wants to leave, but Hank persuades him to stay as dating is all about who wins or loses. When waitress greets the Hills and offers the 72 oz Top Sirloin Steak challenge, one that if consumed in an hour is free of charge, Hank declines. Bobby deliberately orders the largest steak on the menu, but Hank is confused that it's big beef then wonders what happened from being a vegetarian. Bobby is convincing his parents he can eat the 72 oz Top Sirloin Steak in rare style, (it can be viewed that he is doing this as a way of getting back at Marie, who is a vegetarian). After the 72 oz Top Sirloin Steak challenge preparation, Bobby chew downs every last morsel of the 72 ounce slab of beef while with Hank, Peggy, and the other patrons cheering him up (including Marie's parents). As the upset, vegetarian Marie looks on in anger, Bobby continues to shove in the food. Bobby suddenly stopped, making Hank, Peggy and the crowds worried and Marie pleased that they've think that he is sick to continue the challenge. However, Bobby loosens his pants and continues on to shove in the food with the crowds begins cheering him on. When Bobby is about to finish the last bite of the piece of beef, he and Marie looks at each other angrily at one another. Finally, Bobby eats the last bite as Marie turns and looks away in disgust. After Bobby finished his last bite, he wins the 72 oz Top Sirloin Steak challenge and Hank, Peggy and the patrons cheering for him as result while an angry Marie proclaims to her parents that they leave, but however, her parents are busy cheering on Bobby for finishing his steak challenge, much to Marie's dismay. Bobby thanked the people of Arlen. Hank and Peggy hugs and kisses in relief until it short-lived when Chuck Mangione is simultaneously seen dining in the Panhandler Steakhouse as well and tells them that he was trying to eat his meal.

After returning home, Hank and his friends find to their shock that the couch is gone with Dale mourning over the loss the couch. As Connie drops by and looks on, Bobby doubles over and vomits; at first, Connie thinks Bobby is vomiting because of the "break up", but after learning that he ate the 72 ounce beef, she is satisfied and asks Bobby if he could come watch TV with her after he's finished.

During the end credits, a scene is shown were it is revealed that Bill was the one who took the couch for himself while talking on the phone with his friends.



  • On the part where Bobby is lying on the floor and listing to music, the song that is playing when Hank walks in and says "At least his taste in music has improved" is "There's a Tear in My Beer" by Hank Williams, and later re-recorded by his son Hank Williams, Jr. in 1988 (jobs).
  • There was no tagline for this episode as it had a closing scene over the credits instead of the theme song.
  • Luanne's hair has started growing back, after losing it in an explosion in Propane Boom.
  • During the closing credits, when Bill is talking over the phone, the animation shifts and becomes slightly different.
  • This episode was the winner of a Primetime Emmy Award in 1999 for Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour).
  • Starting with this episode, Richard Appel joins King of the Hill as an executive producer and showrunner. Appel had previously worked on The Simpsons.
  • This is the second time the "72 ounce beef" challenge was shown, the first was from The Company Man where Mr. Holloway quits after only taken one bite.
  • Marie is shown as being a Hall Monitor at Tom Landry Middle School. It should be noted that this episode takes place before Emily, the eventual permanent Hall Monitor made her debut.

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