Amy Pittman
Name Amy Pittman
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Job Stik Tek Employee
Relatives Burt Halverstrom (Ex-Husband)
First appearance The Exterminator
Voiced by Lisa Kudrow

Amy Pitman is an employee at Stik-Tek. She appeared in the episode ''The Exterminator".


Hank's cousin Rita had just quit her job at Stik Tek during the event of The Exterminator. Before she left her job she put in a good word for Dale Gribble to replace her over there. Dale goes in to take the job after the pressure from Nancy and Hank to do so. She is first seen on Dale's first day of work telling him that he is a minute late. She shows him around the office as well as explain the rules; no sunglasses, hats, or smoking is allowed in the office. Upon taking away his hat she remarks that he's bald and not in an attractive way like Sean Connery. She brushes it off and leaves him at his cubicle.

The next day she stops by his cubicle to drop off some paperwork. She takes away his newspaper hat remarking that if he has one more slip up he loses his causal Friday privileges. Before she leaves she remarks that she had pushed his lunch all the way to 4:00 pm because he needs to fill in for the receptionist; she is eating her lunch.

She and another employee are having a difficult time firing Burt. She reveals that she and Burt were married during the 80's and a part of her still loves him. Seeing that Dale is the only one that does not know who Burt is asks him to fire him. When fired she approaches Burt and tells him her condolences. She later asks him to fire Gladstone, a person she can barely stand to look at. After this she promotes him to Assistant Vice-President of Human Resources.

Dale tells Pitman that he is quitting even though Pitman pleads him not to as he was the best Human Resource Manager that Stik Tek ever had. Before Dale leaves the company Pitman returns his sunglasses, hat, and cigarettes to him.


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