Amy Edlin
Rsz amy
Name Amy Edlin
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 42
Job Ostrich Meat Sampler
First appearance I Remember Mono
Voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh

Amy Edlin went to Arlen High School at the same time as Hank Hill.


She got dumped by her boyfriend a few weeks before Valentine's Day. Feeling that she had something to prove she choose Hank as he was nearby. She pretended to have her bell bottom jeans tangled in her bike's chain and pleads for help. Hank rushes over and tries helping her. As he's untangling her jeans from the bike chain Amy mentions that she's felt hopeless ever since her "boyfriend" was killed in the jungles of the Vietnam War. Hank feels sorry for her and mentions that she is brave to be bicycling in the state that she is in. He manages to untangle her and helps her up. As a sign of gratitude she goes in and tries kissing him. Hank backs off telling her that he has a girlfriend. Amy precedes to tell him "Is she here? I don't see her." Even though Hank continues protesting Amy does not stop and eventually goes in and kisses him. A moment later Hank pushes her off of him and runs away from her. However, this is the kiss that gave Hank mono where he has put on bed rest for two weeks.

Twenty years later Peggy is asked to substitute for the record keeper at Arlen High School. While there her friend Becky tells Peggy that Hank had mono. Prior to this Hank told Peggy that he had sprained his back during those two weeks. Not being able to let it go out of her head Peggy asks Becky if anyone else in Hank's senior class was sick during those two weeks. Well Becky did a little research and found that a Amy Edlin was also sick during that time. Peggy looked up Amy's information from the phone book and posing as a telemarketer found out where she works at. Peggy goes to visit Amy at her current place of employment; Pink & White Ostrich Meat sampler. She takes Peggy to the cold storage room and tells her what happened between her and Hank. After telling her story she gives Peggy a coupon that will take 30 cents off her next Ostrich purchase. Peggy at first seems relaxed after being told the story, but then she goes and punches a large hunk of meat that hanging nearby. She approaches Amy who backs off terrified thinking that Peggy is going to punch her next. Peggy cleans her hands using the butcher apron that Amy is wearing and leaves.

She is never mentioned or seen again in the series after this episode.


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