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Amy is a popular student at Tom Landry Middle School. She appears in the episode "The Texas Panhandler."


Amy is a female middle school student with blonde hair. She is seen wearing a purple shirt with a flower on the right strap, and blue denim jeans.


In season 10, she plans to host a party, making students throughout Tom Landry Middle School eager to be invited. Bobby and Joseph want to get invited, but their weird actions in an attempt to be invited get themselves snubbed. They wonder why they are not invited and why a new student is invited, and they see that the new kid wears cool ripped jeans that make him fashionable, making them want the jeans as well.

Bobby and Joseph cannot get money from their parents, so they get jobs as sign wavers for a business. On their first day of the job, Amy, the new kid and her group of friends make fun of the two boys for having a humiliating job, and they leave. Later when Bobby and Joseph are inspired by Derek to become panhandlers instead of working, Amy comes across them again and finds it cool that they ask for money and pedestrians simply give it to them. Bobby even manages to get some change from Amy, and she invites both boys to her party after being impressed by their panhandling. She is not seen after this.