Alphonse Dauterive
Name Alphonse Dauterive
Gender Male
Hair White
Age Deceased
Relatives Aunt Esme Dauterive (Wife)
Gilbert Dauterive (Son)
Bill Dauterive (nephew)
First appearance A Beer Can Named Desire
Voiced by

Alphonse Dauterive was the husband of Aunt Esme Dauterive, the father of Gilbert Dauterive, and the paternal uncle of Bill Dauterive.


In A Beer Can Named Desire Aunt Esme shows Peggy a portrait of her husband while showing her around the mansion. He is never seen (other than the portrait) but is mentioned to be lingering in the back of the house hoping that the Dauterive name is passed on to a new generation.

Though not mentioned in Blood and Sauce it is implied that he has passed away as Bill and Gilbert are the only living Dauterive relatives by that episode.


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