Alabaster Jones

Alabaster, telling Hank about Tammi.

Alabaster Jones is a pimp who lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was guest voiced by rapper Snoop Dogg in his debut.


Tammi Duvall had worked under Alabaster in Oklahoma. When she moved in with the Hills in "Ho Yeah!", Alabaster believes that Hank is a pimp who has stolen her.

He drives a highly ornamented Excalibur Series V and wears expensive and stylish clothing. He threatens Hank to get Tammi back, and later pursues them in a car chase.

Alabaster had a small cameo as a pimp being beaten by Virtual Hank of the video game in the episode "Grand Theft Arlen".

People claim Alabaster resembles Iyami from the anime Osomatsusan due to his mustache, tan skin, and hair style. Iyami also acts similar to Alabaster.