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Hank purchased the 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty from Pick-Up Truck Heaven in Chasing Bobby after his Ford Ranger was destroyed by a train when it was stuck on the rails.


The truck has many features including anti-lock brakes, a digital compass, four wheel drive, and headlight wipers (a feature that wasn’t offered in the real life version). It also has seat warmers (optional on real life models), a passenger air bag (standard on the real life version) and a vanity mirror. Hank decided to purchase the truck after he found the features on it were helpful when he first test drove it to find Bobby in a rainstorm after blaming him for destroying the previous one. He still keeps his original truck's gear shift knob in it to remember his old truck.

This truck is shown in most episodes to have a manual transmission, but in some it shown to have an automatic transmission (with a floor-mounted shifter not available on the real life version). It also presumably has the 5.4L V8. It some episodes, the styling is closer to that of a 2003–2007 model. Since the truck has heated seats, it more than likely has the top Lariat trim. In Yankee Hankee, the licence plate number is DDY-60B, the same as Hank's last truck, but since The Trouble with Gribbles and later, it is UD3-170.